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‘Life’ is non-dual meaning 'not two' - 'not divided': such is every man and woman's life. This is advaita. The ‘mind’ is dual meaning ‘two’ – ‘divided’. This is dvaita.


The real will always be here; if it were real. The real if it were real cannot be here and yet not here. The sages declared ‘neti neti’, to mean ‘not this not this’; ‘neither this nor that’ meaning it is here but yet not here. The sages realised that the real is here and yet not here, meaning illusory.


Illusory does not mean the real does not exist in the world. Illusory means the real exists, but not in the way the mind thinks the real exists.


Advaita and Non-duality is absolute understanding.

Non-duality and absolute understanding is advaita.

Absolute understanding and advaita is non-duality.


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Forum “Never not here”

The ‘Now’

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Life is one side of a coin while the mind is the other side. They appear as separate two, but are one, just as a coin is one but has two sides. The ‘now’ in life is one side of a coin while the ‘now’ in the mind is the other side. They appear as the same side but they are not. The 'now' in life is not the same as the 'now' in the mind. Lightning (light) is followed by thunder (sound), and both happen in the ‘now’. Obviously they do not happen in the same ‘now’. If both the ‘nows’ were same the light and sound would be seen and heard together, but they are not. Light and sound is seen and heard separately. This indicates that the light seen in the ‘now’ is followed by sound also heard in the ‘now’. This means that light in the ‘now’ in life is faster than sound in the ‘now’ of the mind. This implies that life is faster than the mind. The ‘now’ is a brief period of moments, and a moment is a brief period of imaginary time not determined as yet. Therefore the ‘now’ in life is the real present which is light and sound, eternal, timeless and thoughtless. And the ‘now’ in the mind is illusions of light and sound, which are: time, past present, future, action, word, thought and memory.  

‘Aliveness of the moment’

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Man knows quite a lot. Life has gifted man knowledge since primitive times. Primitive man had none to begin with. Man does not know the precise moment with CERTAINTY when anything that he knows WILL happen nor does he know HOW EXACTLY it will happen. Of course man would know what anyone he knows would say about a particular matter, but neither the exact words nor the exact moment when it would happen to him or others. Man would come to know only after it happened to him, or to others as well. Man knows the sun will rise but the exact moment with CERTAINTY, he would know only after it happens. The blood always pumps and if it does not man will not be alive, and he would not know that it will stop before it stops; the same applies to anything in life. If one becomes AWARE of life every moment, he would observe that he is conscious of the aliveness (action, word or thought) of the MOMENT with CERTAINTY only AFTER the aliveness happens and never before, though he KNOWS many things about life before they happen as vague statements in the mind.


Dr. Vijai  S Shankar

Firstly, a moment is NOT a measure of time. Time is never measured; time is defined by the number of ticks a clock makes. Time therefore is a thought in the human mind and not an actuality in life. Secondly, a moment is a brief period of imaginary time. The precise unit of time within a moment has not yet been defined by man. It is obvious that time is present within the mind of a modern man as the primitive mind evolved into a modern mind. The smallest unit of time defined is one attosecond, and a moment happens faster than this unit of time. Time as yet is neither measured nor has been defined within a moment. It is obvious that everything appears in every moment, and they would not appear every moment, if the moment was not present. Therefore a moment has to be present before man, for man to appear in it. Time is present only in man as a thought and is not an actuality in life. What is being pointed to be the fact is that the moment in life is eternal and the moment in the mind is a brief period of illusory or imaginary time.

‘Existential nature and Knowledge’

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Knowledge is always first hand and not second hand, because knowledge happens to man. Understand knowledge has happened to the primitive man and it could never have been second hand knowledge that has happened to him. What is happening now is knowledge that is happening to man first hand by life, and not second hand, though it appears to be second hand. Knowledge happens as memory, and memory has happened to primitive man and he did not make it either. Understand without memory man cannot experience anything, including the world. And memory is in the past and not in the present ‘now’ which is timeless and thoughtless life. Surely every day man showers, eats, drinks, works, goes to the toilet and finally to bed at night to sleep. These things happen instinctively, albeit illusorily, which appears real to the human mind because of knowledge. Understand these were happening to the primitive man too but he was not aware that it was happening because knowledge had not happened to him. Knowledge has happened to man and by this knowledge he knows who he is and what he is related with. But man DOES NOT know the existential nature of WHO he is, which is LIGHT, or the existential nature of that, which he is related with, which is light again. The answer for his existential nature is provided by life in the form of science, that every atom of whatever exists in the world, including the world is light. Life has evolved and sophisticated a great deal since primitive times.


‘Why is it important?’

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Why is it important to understand that the world, man and mind are illusory? An artist and a magician can by a painting or an act make an illusion to appear real. This is possible because the painting or the magical act is precise, and it would not be illusory if it were not precise. This is a clue that life gifts man to understand that if the world, man and mind were illusory it needs to be precise. Light is precise therefore the world, man and mind is illusory. The world, man and mind is illusory as proclaimed by the enlightened and validated by scientific logic and reasoning, which means every act, word or thought is precise where it is meant to be, albeit illusory.  By this understanding man would not only be able to accept himself as he is in every moment, he would also be able to accept the other as he or she is in every moment.



Religion and Science

Ever since science has become sophisticated, it has dismissed faith, which forms the basis of religion, because science places complete dependence on proof to establish the truth. The proofs of science, however, are temporary until science becomes further sophisticated - only to establish further proofs, which yet again…..read further


Life is Precise

Man and woman love to be precise in whatever they do. Though they know it is not possible all the time, they nevertheless wish to be precise every time. Behaviour is the most important aspect of being precise, because behaviour is either an action, word or thought. Man and woman want, wish and hope that…..read further


What does Omnipresent Omnipotent Omniscient mean?

 It is universally accepted by mankind that omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient are characteristic features of that unknown power, God or divinity, that or who has manifested the world mankind lives in. But is this the truth to man? It is partly the truth. Omnipresent means that the unknown power, God or divinity is present everywhere at every moment. The truth to man is …..read further


What is the mind?

Mind is an all important tool to man. The mind is more evolved in man than in an animal. The presence of language and other functions of the mind are proof that it is more evolved. The presence of mind in the vegetable kingdom is dormant, and the more so in matter. In man the mind has evolved to unimaginable proportions, as seen from a primitive man’s perspective. It will continue to evolve in times to come. To what proportions it will, present-day man cannot definitively state; he can however imagine. The mind informs man about …..read further


Life is a play of light and sound

 The scriptures have mentioned and the sages have proclaimed that life is a play of light and sound, but it has yet to appear to the human mind that it is so. The statement and the proclamation remain confined to the annals of spiritual philosophy, and are left to be realised as an actuality. Is it possible is the question? It certainly would be. If not, how it could have been possible for the sages, as they are humans too?

Man does not see light as he believes he does; …..read further


Aliveness is life

 Every moment in life is alive. The aliveness could be growth, action, speech, thought, light, sound or darkness. The moment by itself is not under man’s control, because it is not man who makes a moment, but it is a moment that has received man within it. Man has not made and also does not make the aliveness within a moment either, for he can never premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. If man makes the aliveness within a moment, he would certainly be able to premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. He is…..read further


NON-DUALITY - Life as it is, Books and CD's

The Academy of Absolute Understanding has received several comments regarding the DVD, Non-Duality-Life as it is, books and CD’s not being very easy to understand.

Below, you will find an in depth explanation by Dr. Shankar regarding what to look for when you view the DVD, read the books and listen to the CD’s.

His explanation will assist you in viewing the DVD, reading the books and listening to the CD’s in a whole new light. ....read further



This documentary, based on the books written by Dr. Vijai S. Shankar, crosses the boundaries of mind. The documentary unveils time and reality for what they really are, which is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound.

with Dutch and German Subtitles

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