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‘Life’ is non-dual meaning 'not two' - 'not divided': such is every man and woman's life. This is advaita. The ‘mind’ is dual meaning ‘two’ – ‘divided’. This is dvaita.


The real will always be here; if it were real. The real if it were real cannot be here and yet not here. The sages declared ‘neti neti’, to mean ‘not this not this’; ‘neither this nor that’ meaning it is here but yet not here. The sages realised that the real is here and yet not here, meaning illusory.


Illusory does not mean the real does not exist in the world. Illusory means the real exists, but not in the way the mind thinks the real exists.


Advaita and Non-duality is absolute understanding.

Non-duality and absolute understanding is advaita.

Absolute understanding and advaita is non-duality.


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Dr. Vijai S Shankar’

‘Every letter of the alphabet in any language is phonetic, meaning a letter is a sound. The phonetic of a letter does not have an opposite, meaning there are no opposites of a particular sound of a letter. A word is made up of letters, and letters that forms a word is a collection of phonetics, meaning a word is a collection of sounds of letters. The collection of phonetics or sounds of letters appear as a REAL word to the human mind. Therefore, a word or words are an illusory appearance of sounds and not REAL word or words –

‘Now and Moment’

Dr. Vijai S Shankar’

‘Literally, the continuous ‘now’ is a continuous ‘moment’. Graphically, the ‘noooooooooooooooowwwwwwww’ is a ‘moooommeeeeeennnnnnnnnnt.’ Now and moment are synonyms. The synonyms are eternal, timeless and thoughtless. The synonyms are literally a ‘singular movement’ or graphically a singular ‘mooovvveeeeeeemmmmment.’ Precise illusory word or words are intermittently super imposed over this singular continuous sophisticated movement spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably. The superimposition gives rise to illusory; time, actions, feelings, knowledge, experiencer who can control and change –

‘We do not learn from the past’

Dr. Vijai Shankar

The present happens every moment, and in the present that always happens there is growth that always happens every moment. Growth is a movement that always happens every moment. The mind is unable to see growth that happens every moment. The child too grows every moment, which means that the child also moves every moment. The growth and the movement is evolutionary and the child cannot control evolution. Therefore walking is an evolutionary movement and not learnt form the past by the child. The child has a mind but not a functional mind. The child knows instinctively it has fallen, and later knows intuitively, but not by the past as past is knowledge, which is yet to evolve in the child. Walking happens to the child and the child does not make walking happen to it. The parents think that they have taught the child and that the child has learnt from the past. The same happened to the first primitive child too, but did not have knowledge of fall, a functional mind, a past or even a parent. So it is important to understand, how could the first child, ever be born without having a parent, or learnt from the past to walk. You do know you have lost only in the present and not in the past; you know it only after you lose it in the present and never before you lose it. You do not know in the past that you have lost in the present; meaning you only know in the present that the knowledge of the loss is in the past. Once you know in the present that you have lost, you will be careful in the present not to lose it again. Therefore you have learnt it in the present and not from the past. The conclusion is you do not lose anything in the past to learn from the past.  You lose only in the present and learn from the present, which appears as the past. It is an illusion to think that you have learnt from the past.


Dr. Vijai S Shankar

In the early centuries, as life evolved, man instinctively realized his true nature. They were the enlightened sages. Rudimentary pointers to his true nature happened to the sages as a process of evolution, but were not understood by others, because instinct had not evolved in them as yet. Centuries later as instinct evolved, man intuitively realized his true nature, and these were the enlightened sages. By this time intellect had evolved too and so did words. Therefore, the enlightened sages used words to point to who man really is. To those in whom intellect had evolved sufficiently, understood the words of the enlightened sages, and blind faith came into existence. Further as life evolved intuitiveness evolved as deep intellect and during this period man spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably realized his true nature and he was the enlightened. The enlightened were able to pass statements that pointed to man’s true nature but explanations of the statements did not happen to them at that time. And in those in whom intellect had evolved considerably, beliefs, faith and devotion came into existence. Self-enquiry was based on beliefs, faith and devotion and so too was daily life. The self-enquiry was primarily focused on who man really is. In the 21st century intellect has evolved a great deal, as evident by the progress of science. Self-enquiry is now based on intellect as daily life is based on intellect too. Life will provide the needed reasoning, logic and knowledge to facilitate self-enquiry. The self-enquiry is not only about the self, but also about the world, man, mind and everything that exists in the world including internet, time and space.

The ‘Now’

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Life is one side of a coin while the mind is the other side. They appear as separate two, but are one, just as a coin is one but has two sides. The ‘now’ in life is one side of a coin while the ‘now’ in the mind is the other side. They appear as the same side but they are not. The 'now' in life is not the same as the 'now' in the mind. Lightning (light) is followed by thunder (sound), and both happen in the ‘now’. Obviously they do not happen in the same ‘now’. If both the ‘nows’ were same the light and sound would be seen and heard together, but they are not. Light and sound is seen and heard separately. This indicates that the light seen in the ‘now’ is followed by sound also heard in the ‘now’. This means that light in the ‘now’ in life is faster than sound in the ‘now’ of the mind. This implies that life is faster than the mind. The ‘now’ is a brief period of moments, and a moment is a brief period of imaginary time not determined as yet. Therefore the ‘now’ in life is the real present which is light and sound, eternal, timeless and thoughtless. And the ‘now’ in the mind is illusions of light and sound, which are: time, past present, future, action, word, thought and memory.  

‘Why is it important?’

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Why is it important to understand that the world, man and mind are illusory? An artist and a magician can by a painting or an act make an illusion to appear real. This is possible because the painting or the magical act is precise, and it would not be illusory if it were not precise. This is a clue that life gifts man to understand that if the world, man and mind were illusory it needs to be precise. Light is precise therefore the world, man and mind is illusory. The world, man and mind is illusory as proclaimed by the enlightened and validated by scientific logic and reasoning, which means every act, word or thought is precise where it is meant to be, albeit illusory.  By this understanding man would not only be able to accept himself as he is in every moment, he would also be able to accept the other as he or she is in every moment.




Essence means it is the intrinsic nature, the existential nature, or an indispensible quality of whatever exists, without which nothing could exist. Life has surely evolved, because life could not have come out of nothing.

Therefore, evolution would not only involve every aspect of daily life, but also everything that exists and functions in life. It means that instinct, intuitiveness, intellect, knowledge, wisdom and whatever exists have evolved from …….. read further


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NON-DUALITY - Life as it is, Books and CD's

The Academy of Absolute Understanding has received several comments regarding the DVD, Non-Duality-Life as it is, books and CD’s not being very easy to understand.

Below, you will find an in depth explanation by Dr. Shankar regarding what to look for when you view the DVD, read the books and listen to the CD’s.

His explanation will assist you in viewing the DVD, reading the books and listening to the CD’s in a whole new light. ....read further



This documentary, based on the books written by Dr. Vijai S. Shankar, crosses the boundaries of mind. The documentary unveils time and reality for what they really are, which is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound.

with Dutch and German Subtitles

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'Man is conscious of the aliveness (action, word or thought) of the moment with certainty, only after it happens and never before it happens.' Dr. Vijai S Shankar

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“Change happens every moment.

Mind does not record that change”.

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