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‘Life’ is non-dual meaning 'not two' - 'not divided': such is every man and woman's life. This is advaita. The ‘mind’ is dual meaning ‘two’ – ‘divided’. This is dvaita.


The real will always be here; if it were real. The real if it were real cannot be here and yet not here. The sages declared ‘neti neti’, to mean ‘not this not this’; ‘neither this nor that’ meaning it is here but yet not here. The sages realised that the real is here and yet not here, meaning illusory.


Illusory does not mean the real does not exist in the world. Illusory means the real exists, but not in the way the mind thinks the real exists.


Advaita and Non-duality is absolute understanding.

Non-duality and absolute understanding is advaita.

Absolute understanding and advaita is non-duality.


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‘Why man is not the doer’

Every moment in life is alive. The aliveness could be growth, action, speech, thought, light, sound or darkness. The moment by itself is not under man’s control, for it is not man who makes a moment, but it is a moment that has received man within it. Man has not made and also does not make the aliveness within a moment too, for he can never premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. If man makes the aliveness within a moment he would certainly be able to premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. He is only convinced that he can do, he can speak or he can think, and only comes to know that he has after they happen and not before they happen. If man can make growth happen, do an action, speak a word or think a thought, he would be able to premeditate the aliveness of any moment with certainty. Since he cannot, it only means, he has never done anything in any moment of life. Man is not the doer as the enlightened have rightly proclaimed. Doing speaking, thinking and growth happen to man and man does not do them.

Dr.Vijai S Shankar



Life mind and memory.

Mind and memory are vital for man, because both mind and memory make up the world. Without mind and memory, man would not experience anything nor would he know time. Mind is like an operating system in a computer, and memory is like an application programme in a computer. The operating system forms an interface between the application programme and the computer. Similarly, the mind is an interface between memory and the human body. The memory (application programme) and mind (operating system) are given by life to …..read further


What does mystery mean?

 Mystery means something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain. Difficult means needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with or understand. Impossible means not able to occur, exist or be done. This means that which is difficult can be done and comprehended, while that which is impossible can never be done or comprehended. If impossible were possible, it only means the impossible was actually difficult, but not impossible. So a mystery that was difficult was not really a mystery - it was just a difficult puzzle waiting to be worked out. The present moment is a mystery, because …..read further


What does change mean?

Change is defined as make or become. Man wants the things which he loves and likes not to change, meaning not to make or become something he does not love or like. Man wants the things he does not love or like to change, meaning to make or become something he loves or likes. Man is also certain that things obviously change, no matter how much he wants or desires them not to change. This means that …..read further


What does memory mean?

 Memory is the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. This can only mean that information is not available outside memory or if memory is not available. It is obvious that in the present now man does not know anything. If man wants to know he has to recall the information from his memory. It is memory which makes up the world. Without memory, man would not experience anything. But how real could memory be or anything that man believes he knows or is happening in life? Man needs to understand what memory is and how it …..read further


NON-DUALITY - Life as it is, Books and CD's

The Academy of Absolute Understanding has received several comments regarding the DVD, Non-Duality-Life as it is, books and CD’s not being very easy to understand.

Below, you will find an in depth explanation by Dr. Shankar regarding what to look for when you view the DVD, read the books and listen to the CD’s.

His explanation will assist you in viewing the DVD, reading the books and listening to the CD’s in a whole new light. ....read further



This documentary, based on the books written by Dr. Vijai S. Shankar, crosses the boundaries of mind. The documentary unveils time and reality for what they really are, which is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound.

with Dutch and German Subtitles

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“Nothing is permanent”

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